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Wellton International Hotel is located in Dongguan Shiqiao Town Square side of the cultural center of Guangdong Province. Nearby covering over 30,000 square meters of the city center park, traffic is very convenient, from Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou only one hour. Hirotaka living facilities nearby department stores, Japanese department stores, cinemas Milky Way, Lianhu the like, into the natural quiet and luxury in one fashion, lakes and mountains, at a glance.
Tourist Attractions
  • Dongguan Villa Yin

    Villa Yin scenic area layout elegant, completely formed. Dotted the landscape; Tatu Maitreya, Qing palace, Yuet Wah fountain, alone foot Tianchan, Buddha tower, fairy bed concentrated reflects the Chinese Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism Fu traditional culture implication. The annual festival attracts millions of tourists from home and abroad.
  • Baihuazhou

    Dream Baihuazhou theme resort located in the national AAAA scenic Songshan Lake, a beautiful environment, the Pearl River Delta is the most valuable ornamental floral theme resort. Construction has nearly ten thousand elegant "Garden", nearly ten thousand stunning romantic "Rose Garden", different colors colorful "flowers in the world," the dancing butterflies, "Butterfly Valley", but also dream also magic "Baihua Gu" and exquisite workmanship, vivid "wishful flower door", "Dutch windmill", "Grand flowers", bridges, sight-seeing and other landscaped pieces.
  • Guanyin Mountain

    Guangdong Guanyin Mountain National Forest Park is the first national forest park in Dongguan City, Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan City, the territory of the park forest coverage rate of more than 99%, the air is very good. Park attractions everywhere, step one scene, the main attractions are: Ciyun Ge, International Convention and Exhibition Centre, Kwun Yam Square, Thanksgiving Lake thirty-six falls.
  • Ecological Park in Dongguan

    Dongguan wetland ecological park resort located in the eastern city of Dongguan city center, ecological park development and construction of basic environmental management and restoration project. Yanling from the wetlands, aquatic ecosystems central island group, on Lake wetlands, Xiasha wetlands, wetlands and other large Po Chun group composed of wetlands, flood control and drainage water conservancy according to security within the scope of 31 square kilometers of land, water purification, biodiversity recovery , public recreation, ecological science education function to designate, with a total area of about 651.1 hectares (342.7 hectares of water area).
  • 華南mall歡笑天地

    Stimulation, screaming, fashion, laughter known as South China's most unique combination of indoor and outdoor recreation center.
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Food & Beverage
  • Xiangwei Ju

  • Lamb Food Street

    Qiaotou Town, Dongguan famous lamb dishes. Lamb Food Street is located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, Shiqiao Town Lianhu south coast. This food festival nearly 20 years of history, there are many street food restaurants, pot lamb, mutton pie, lamb dumplings, lamb and rice and other specialties.
  • Qiaoxing Seafood Restaurant

    Can accommodate 30 Wai, the rooms each of maximum capacity 3 Wai, consumption in the range of $400-1000.
  • Qingxi Hakka Cuisine Restaurant

    Dongguan Qingxi Town area is inhabited by Hakka people, the many restaurants cooked Hakka dishes are very authentic, especially Hakka dog, stuffed tofu.
  • Dalingshan Snake Feast Restaurant

    Dalingshan Town snake feast cooked very exquisitel, Stewed snake soup Taogang do huge container, Combustion of sawdust firewood "stew" into, Rich flavor, diners and even drink ten bowls eight bowls not greasy.
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  • Hirotaka department store

    Dongguan Hirotaka Department Store is a set of shopping, leisure, catering, entertainment in one of the large-scale retail enterprises, Hirotaka Department Store in the center of the township area, very advantageous geographic location, convenient traffic, crowded, with a total area of 42000 square meters, This is in the Qiaotou town largest commercial plaza.
  • Dahe Department Store

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  • PUB

    Distance: 20 km Time: 40 minutes drive Features: Wine Street along the road
  • Bowling

    Great masters bowling alley with standard bowling track, comfortable environment and Welcome!
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  • Qiaotou Lotus Flower Festival

    Qiaotou town China as lotus, Lotus Flower Festival every year attracts tourists from all over the country.
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  • Renrenle Supermarket Chain

    Walking distance: 700 meters
  • Artificial Lake

    Walking distance: 500 meters
  • Qiaotou Square

    Walking distance: 100 meters
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3 Square Road, Qiaotou Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China